How to Cultivate Qi Energy

This post by Dr. Paul Haider originally appeared in OMTimes

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a form of energy that runs through and around all that exists… including human beings. This energy is called Qi. Qi energy is the life force that gives us the vitality and energy to go about our daily lives and boosts our immune system. Here are a few ways to cultivate Qi energy and feel great again.

One of the spiritual texts from the Orient states: “There is nothing between Heaven and Earth but Qi and Tao (The laws that govern Qi). Tao itself is based on Qi. Everything in the Universe relies upon it. When the Qi is outside Heaven and Earth, it embraces them. When Qi is inside Heaven and Earth, it circulates through and sustains them. Planets depend on Qi for their brightness; weather is formed by it, and the seasons are caused by it. Man cannot stand outside of Qi. Qi supports him and permeates him as water is contained within the ocean.”

Ways to Cultivate Qi Energy

Qigong – Qigong is a form of martial arts that cultivates Qi energy. It’s a process of visualization, movement, and breath work that brings vitality and life giving energy into the body. Those who are Qigong Masters are also able to use their Qi energy to bring about miraculous healings that go beyond our understanding. This martial art is very simple yet takes practice, but over time and with persistence large amounts of Qi energy can be brought into the body with amazing results.

Live, Whole Foods – There are some foods that bring Qi energy into the body. Especially the green leafy vegetables, which are full of life force energy. When we cook food we lose the Qi and thus it’s important to include many raw leafy veggies in our diet. This can bring about healing… not only of our Qi but also of our liver, kidneys, heart, and blood by detoxing the body.

Herbs – Herbs also bring about an increase of Qi energy. Ginseng is great for increasing Qi energy and thus helps the average person to have more stamina and vitality and it is a good tonic for the nervous and endocrine systems. Codonopsis is another herb that also helps build Qi energy and increase life vitality especially of the lungs along with, Astragalus, and Gynostemma, which are energy building herbs for stress. Also, licorice root supports and protects the adrenal glands and helps with stress created by emotional challenges.

Other Foods – Longan berries are also great for slowing the aging process and revitalizing the skin and especially bringing Qi energy to the heart area. Schizandra fruit also helps to vitalize the sex organs and enhances libido and sexual function. Here are some other foods that may increase Qi energy when consumed in moderation… chlorella, brown rice, lentils, grapes, figs, oats, squash, dates, and tofu.

Meditation – Meditation also helps to build vital Qi energy by taking care of stress and cultivating peace within. All the stress hormones decline while meditating thus allowing for the correct function of the body and the peacefulness of the mind, which in turn results in a long life.

Acupressure – We have meridian points throughout the body and those points allow the vital flow of Qi energy. When there is congestion at certain points or the flow of Qi energy is stopped altogether there can be pain, lack of energy, and the start of disease. This is why acupressure and acupuncture are great for increasing Qi energy. One can learn to do acupressure on their own body… it’s very simple. Just massage every area of the body including the hands, feet, legs, arms, and ears… any area that has pain when pressure is applied usually means there is a blockage of Qi energy. By using mild pressure on the tender area, the blockage can be released.

Tuina Massage – This is a powerful form of massage that works with the meridians of the body to move energy around and unblock meridian channels. A person is fully dressed and the Tuina massage therapist moves his/her hands while doing a visualization of moving energy throughout the body. Moving energy from one place to another. This is a rather simplistic explanation, but this type of massage is amazingly powerful. In fact, I’ve had Tuina massage myself and had powerful results.

Self-Esteem – When we have self-esteem we turn off the negative voice and start moving in the direction of doing what we know is right deep down inside. All the negative distracting voices of those around us don’t matter anymore. So building self-esteem is vitally important to also building Qi energy because lack of self-esteem leads to the loss of life force and eventually to depression. Think only good thoughts about yourself, take a martial arts class, and increase Qi energy within.

Try as many of these Qi-building processes as possible to feel great and have improved energy.


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